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by Smoking Monkeys 114 views


Default Avatar RiverFelix

Although it was somewhat tedious in places with some bad acting and roughly edited together the film had some good laughs and reasonable dialogue so it ended up being entertaining even though the plot was thin. The ending felt as though it wasn't executed quite as well as it may have been envisioned, maybe they could have put more effort into making the ending great and then have every thing else just leading to that.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Vic's cyborg Simon kills him and takes his nano sim in order to start a robot singularity. Ends with Simon being killed after a short chase scene.

Default Avatar Willdabeast

The thing about genre is that we know the rules so don't need as much exposition. The lead was good though, i enjoyed him.

Umm I would normally write a little blurb at the top of my review to give people an idea of the story, but I have no idea what the story is here so I am just gonna leave it there.

This film didn't make too much sense to me. I loved the parts where the cyborg is running upstairs though.

Default Avatar inka1104

no....just no! didnt get it...the story was lame...the acting was

Default Avatar jasbyrnes

some funny bits and it didn't take itself too seriously... ended abruptly, ran out of time as some of the editing and audio was a bit rough... the story was predictable but with the lead made it entertaining...

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