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Default Avatar me myself and i

Could have been executed better. The shocks were ineffective.

Default Avatar filmchick1987

Could see the ending coming miles away. The seance was a bit random and set us all up for a ghost story, so was a bit disappointing. Would've been kooler as a dinner party - kinda like Hitchcock's 'Rope'.

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Vic is out at night looking for his sister and goes into a house where they are having a seance. Eventually leaves and we find out that his sister was killed in that house and was under the seance table. Not a bad idea but the excessive swearing just kind of grated as it didn't advance the plot of characters. I'm not against swearing but it seemed to detract from the movie. Less colourful language and a slightly more developed script and this could have been really good.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

This film was pretty funny. I personally thought the swearing was hilarious but unfortunately it was not appropriate for a general audience. The crude language didn't need to be relied upon for a funny film. The story was clear but the plot was a bit simple and unoriginal. Good work on making an entertaining film though. I enjoyed watching it.

Default Avatar mitm

The plot seemed to have potential but the situation of four dudes just bagging each other while they sat around a seance was not really interesting. And I agree with someone when they say the shocks were ineffective, it lacked proper suspense. There was more potential with the missing sister storyline, but all they seem to give it was a passing sentence. But I did like the repetition of the beginning, and then recut with the stabbing of the sister for that bit of humour.

Default Avatar Puppy Love

Crack up! Brilliant twist, and great stabbing shot. Good plot, good acting. Great job.

Default Avatar Galinka

Building the whole film around alot of cringeworthy fratboy humour has its ups and downs here. On one hand it effectively distracts the audience enough to make the grisly reveal all the more shocking, on the other hand we have to deal with a film that is mostly cringeworthy fratboy humour. I can tell the team seemed to be having a great time though.

Default Avatar Crawford Hannah

I thought this was a great film. In my opinion this was the boldest film of the heat (by far the most F bombs) with a very effective twist ending. I thought it had some great acting although the humour was a little hit or miss. Looked like the team was having a great time and keep up the good work.

Default Avatar annemarie

I liked it but I didn't love it. I felt some of the swearing wasn't really needed, but I did like the ending. I did not see it coming!

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

This was quite amateury but because you guys didn't give a shit about it neither did I really haha. The casual way it was acted, and I'm guessing mostly adlibbed, made it really funny to watch. You'd be a cool team to watch at the heats.

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