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Puppetry of the Dreamless

by Bigger on the Inside 238 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

A man arrives home and sends his daughter back to her mother for the night. He is then haunted by the stuffed toys that are scattered around the house, these are intercut with people dressed as those dolls to provide movement etc. I really enjoyed this film, thought it was a great concept and the acting was really good. It got a lot of laughs, which I don't think it was going for as it came across as a serious effort, but I don't think it detracted from what was a very solid film in my opinion. The ending got the appropriate audience reaction so I think it really hit it's mark. Well done. Also, I loved their team intro. Who the heck just has a tardis just loafing about in their backyard? Awesome!

Default Avatar mailcar_97

A very strong film. The horror genre was well executed here, and acting and story were good. Possibly some copyright problems later on with the Tardis though ...

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Very funny, and well made. Not sure if it was meant to be funny, but either way it left the audience happy, and me too. Short and sweet, this team could be going places.

Bleak but entertaining. Good core concept that made for some funny moments but let down by bad technical aspects. The tiger was a highlight.

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