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Game Night

by Eleventh Hour 173 views


Great concept. The story actually had a bit of heart to it as well. Judging by the crowd my rating would be a 10 if I was a female...

Default Avatar me myself and i

It more of a survival story rather than a race against the clock. The team could have done better with this genre. Good use of special effects.

Default Avatar filmchick1987

A clever film, but was let down by some poor acting and aimless dialogue. Great SFX though!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I loved the 'lava floor' in this and it was completely unexpected but it didn't really go anywhere and could have benefitted from being a bit shorter maybe? Some good acting by the survivor and some very funny moments.

Default Avatar annemarie

The idea of making a movie out the game "The floor is made of lava" was original. The blonde male actor bought some nice eye candy to the film but I do feel like the genre was missed a little bit.

Default Avatar auckfilmbuff

I really loved this film. The concept was so simple yet the acting and editing made it actually believable. It built up so much suspense I was literally sitting there freaking out that one of you would accidentally step on the floor. Best scene was when the guy held out his arms and made the ultimate sacrifice set against epic music. The ending was very Inception. I want to watch it again.

Default Avatar mitm

I enjoyed the fact that one seemingly ordinary and humorous line from your film sparked the whole plot of your movie. A really clever concept from the film, and it was backed up by great technical editing skills. I think the way that second shirtless guy sacrificed himself was a bit overdramatic (as was your female's acting too, I'm glad she fell into the lava early), but then it also helped punch that sad ending. Nice job.

Default Avatar John Henderson

Saving the best for last. This was the last movie to screen in the heats I saw. This was by far my favourite. An awesome take on a children's game. Would love to see a longer version of this film made. Was also nice that no one was murdered in this one.

Default Avatar Acting101

Really enjoyed this simple concept done very well. Enjoyed a fun take of a game we all used to play as kids. Acting, editing all lead to a great end product. Some serious moments of cheese but in the end I felt it worked. Two lead actors had a good connection on screen. Could have played "race against the clock" more. Favourite of the heat.

Default Avatar cassiebaker

I definitely enjoyed this film!! Clever idea and some good acting. I have never heard of "the floor is lava" game before so it was a really cute idea. "Race against the clock" wasn't too apparent but I like the think-outside-the-box approach to this. Well done!

Great concept. The story actually had a bit of heart to it as well. Judging by the crowd my rating would be a 10 if I was a female...

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