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Two Tall Tales

by ICW Productions 545 views


Hooray! The first Wellington Bigfoot/Sasquatch entry this year and luckily it was a real goody. A couple of DOC workers are queried as to how their daily activities had gone with regards to snail sampling and cataloguing; only thing is, we are presented with a couple of completely different stories. This had a witty script and excellent performances. Knowing how limited the light was on the Saturday of the shoot weekend in Wellington I was impressed by the coverage acquired in some deep forest areas. I honestly thought a lot more teams would take on this popular urban legend so it put a big grin on my face to see some big hairy man action as it is one of my personal favourite sub-genres.

Default Avatar DUTCH

Nice Job. Film looked good and was fun. Especially liked the angry chair throw and the camera attached to actor shot. Also good to see bigfoot, well done.

This was a very enjoyable and fun film to watch. The story was very well developed, as it had a well developed beginning, middle and end. And the ending was very satisfying and amusing. However there were parts of the movie that seemed to drag and where the production value was less than ideal. And the characters did seem a bit too clichéd for my liking. But it definitely took its original concept to affect a very entertaining story. I definitely had a lot of fun with this film.

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