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Silver Leaf

by Colonial Tech 640 views


Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

I liked the parallel editing, it was catchy and cleverly done. It's a shame that the story is not a little more original in the end.

A seriously done mix of the world ending (through flashback) and world after the apocalypse has come. I thought that the urgency was really good as our leads tried to get away from a quarantine - where did you get those gas masks from?! The wasteland of Tawa also leant itself well afterwards to show a disparate land. The roaming gangs were done well in terms of their marauding style and there was a decent resolution. I guess I really liked the fact that they captured the mass hysteria of the word essentially ending rather than just having a select few after the fact, or bothering with anything philosophical. It was happening and so shit had to get sorted.

Default Avatar meeeeeeeee

Silver Leaf was a nice depiction of an 'end of the world' narrative. By focusing a simple story on the immediate danger of an airbourne virus, they captured a tone of panic and chaos. The use of sound was particularly evoking, and good work with the guns!

Not the easiest genre to tackle. Sympathies. Nice treatment and good mood.

Default Avatar Eclipse Entertainment

A great mix of real world, gritty realism and a flashback of what life should be. I thought Silver-Leaf was a great entry from first time team Colonial Tech. Good prop work and sound made this film very enjoyable to watch, and as Dan Slevin himself said: "I always pictured Tawa as the location of the apocolypse!" Good work, guys, hope to see you back next year!

Default Avatar BlueBagel

The scene with the 'angel' or 'ghost' was beautifully shot in my opinion, it really tugged at my emotions. I also heard this may have been filmed on a phone? If so thats pretty impressive.

Great end of world flick with a solid - but - such a heartbreaking story.. features nice world ending stuff such as gangs/robbers, traffic jams, gas masks etc. and very nicely done past/present grey/color progression! soundtrack was awesome and the initial announcement really set the ball rolling for the story that is pretty important to establish the world ending.. from the forums I saw that this was shot with iPhone and sound recorded to it as well.. taken that.. very good technical work! only thing to comment on this is that you could have had windshield stuck to your microphone and a steadicam smoothee or something to hold that iphone when you had those moving shots.. and good use of NITRO's SFX too! I kind of hoped a twist for sad stuff.. killing all the good people is heart breaking as there was no hope to be seen.. solid work team Colonial Tech!

Default Avatar ratercoder

Hi CT... Really liked the tension you built in your editing and the use of music was the best in the heat. Always admire teams that play it straight, and your acting never lapsed into cheese. Well done!

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