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Was it just me or did anyone else get a bit of a Jade meets Oldboy vibe to this one? I liked their style at least, if that comment was not entirely obvious it was a compliment. A tale of deception with some erotic moments was carried out, with a love triangle involving a couple, his older ex and her much younger daughter (the younger daughter being his current partner). It was well acted and had some juicy dialogue. Good restrained approach at least visually to the genre though with a tongue to cheek being about the most explicit activity shown from memory. One where you really have to pay attention to the dialogue though as that

This was my team - so utter bias declared! Good script-motivated gasp in the finale. Hard to make an erotic thriller fit a PG rating but this was a reasonable attempt. Not very erotic, but the thriller storyline was reasonable. Good looking film let down by some minor sound issues on location, but that was more than made up for by a solid story and a great twist. They had a poster online with a good tagline: "Think you're unlucky in love… think again", and their Nicky Brick was very very unlucky!

suffered from technical problems.. the light gel was rattling there at the crucidial ending scene.. really distracted me from it.. and the AC was not turned off at the house location so it took me away from the dialogue parts momentarily.. overall was a bit 'what happened?' and too much dialogue ridden that makes it harder to follow. i liked those 'screw arounds' though and acting otherwise was quite solid but sadly technical & dialogue especially let this film down for me.

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