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Office Fantasy Challenge

by Best Dim Prim Team 937 views


Mockumentary on an Office fantasy challenge involving an elf, barbarian and wizard/magician. A couple of nice jokes but sound was raw and loud, too many talking head shots for my liking and the film was fairly tedious. Probably would have been better if given a proper narrative, and not pigeon-holed into an office setting for the sake of it, at least that it how I felt.

Please don't make a television episode and pretend it's a film. Just dont. Hopefully the students of this team will learn a lot from this film. Liked the wizards leaves. If this had been a film then there would have been an oportunity for a plot, in turn that could have made for some interesting narrative, in turn the interplay between the characters might have worked.

competition tv-series imitation didn't really work for this one.. it was trying to be fun I guess.. probably you just had the office location but the tv-references didn't really add anything.. the competition didn't have the beat and it was a bit slow going there.. so it was hard to follow what was the scoreboard.. also there were a lot of ideas in the mix but together these didn't come together as single package.. better choose the ones that add into the agreed story.. and be very picky.. I really liked the female actor who were calling the comps and was there time to time to kick people.. the barbarian and elf etc didn't really add much compared to the wiz.. I guess it wanted to be a teaching story that barbarian who helped the elf wins (good people win) but it wasn't really pulled off if the intention was to do that... there should have been more going on between the comp characters as well... thanks for trying though at least it had single big concept..

The fact that Paraparaumu College entered this year seems to be the biggest mistake made... Both Teams, Teachers and Students, made horrible films. I don't even point out in detail the mistakes made in the film/tv show...

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