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Odd Pairs

by The Lingering Llamas 482 views


Our Nicky has a real problem; they keep ending up with all the odd socks that everybody loses. Unfortunately for them the cops think he has actually been stealing them and so look to take him down. His vegetarian girlfriend stands by him but the crime scene evidence does start to all add up. Few good laughs at how harsh the team is to Nicky but the acting was a bit theatrical. Could have done with some location scouting as largely being set at their flats was a bit boring. Quite a lot of effort put in at least by the actors to try and sell the story but it was too silly for its own good.

This was actually a really clever film and you could tell by the timing and pacing which was one of it's strength. I think both actors and actresses all came across really well and you could see this with the male lead and the supporting actress who did what many don't in this comp and presented their characters well without the need for too much developement. Now I know where all my socks are

Default Avatar zerobound

Great idea with the socks, I missed the urban legend part of the story though so it came across as a random comedy. Still it finished with closure for me knowing the story never ends. I enjoyed the characters they had diverse personalities while complementing each other smoothly. I loved the bit with the leaf, the actors pulled it off without making it look forced. The film had plenty of random moments that were very natural to the story. This is a smooth production that doesn't reach any great heights, but walking along the plains still provides some great sights.

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