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Nicky and Lucy

by SUPERB TEETH 218 views


Interesting take on the one-shot genre, with an actual attempt at character development as an outcast is followed by her schoolmate from History at school who has never talked to her but sees now as the perfect opportunity. Everything seems to be going swimmingly with smokes offered and stories told to look to get each other onside as friends, but it seems like Mrs Gilbert at the high school has stirred up a few things and this leads to a daring conclusion. The film developed nicely and the young leads conveyed emotion well without dialogue. I just felt the camera work was not quite at the level it probably should have been for this to go from good to very good.

Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

The camera work wasn't always perfect but I think you did a pretty good job with this one shot film! It flew well, it was mysterious enough to keep the viewer curious and the acting was really good. Well done.

Default Avatar ForeGinMovieMan

Although the focus may have been slow to pick up at times the camera did a good job of keeping up with the characters and story. Strong cast members made this a great film to watch and kept the audience holding on to see the conclusion. Definitely one of the strongest contenders of the heat.

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