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Legend of the Eternal Leaf

by Narcoleptic Ninjas of DOOM 130 views


I do have to say that this wasn't exactly an urban legend with the whole being set in a forest thing going on, felt more like a Hans Christian Anderson tale. I won't hold that against you entirely though, as a legend was still told well enough. The two brothers(?) collecting wood and stumbling upon a thing of great importance was well framed, and the tree climbing/leg break definitely made me wince.

Exploring the urban forest(?) legend thing.. with some nice old fashioned wardrobe that set this back in time.. Cinematography of this flick was nice and clean.. I liked especially the smooth intro and how the glowing leafy thing was lit up where the whole story culminated up to.. Could have been more story wise.. but I liked the clean looks & simpleness of this.. good work still! Wikipedia though says that urban legend doesn't need to locate in urban area but it does say something about industrial era.. perhaps more clear genre elements and modern wardrobe would have been good..

My understanding of Urban Legend is - "An apocryphal, secondhand story told as true and just plausible enough to be believed, about some horrific, embarrassing, ironic, or exasperating series of events that supposedly happened to a real person." Which I felt this movie offered. Possibly, back in the day, this was as urban as it got!!!??? The quality of filming, sound, editing etc was exceptionally high for a team of college students. Loved the narration, felt it fitted in well, also thought the chicken/wood chopping was well done although would have liked to see the chicken be caught. The leg crack definitely made me wince. I would have liked a little more storyline around the eternal life tree but on the whole a very good job - well done.

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