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Exit Room

by The Fox Hunt Party 169 views


Looked like might have been colour graded? A couple of scenes at least had some real depth to them whether touched up in post or not. A psychiatric ward presents us with the opportunity for Nicky to escape through her dreams, and this freedom acts as a catalyst to get out of the surrounding dooming isolated confinement of the ward. I believed the escape aspect in terms of how desperate the character seemed to be to not be restrained, but I felt like the film could have done with just a little more grounding in motivation for the characters.

This film had a great mood to it with good colours and locations. However, as the potato mentioned, motivation was lacking for the lead and it didn't quite sell me to story and bring me in to the fantasy/adventure genre. I did enjoy it as it had strong potential and there were some nice concepts with the transitions using the leaves but I feel that it wasn't quite nailed.

Default Avatar Sashalien

The actors and the locations were great. I really felt as if I was in an old mental asylum with my rights restricted by the hospital staff. It was visually stunning, however a few mistakes in the sound distracted. I was also confused about the story and didn't understand how it fit into the genre. What I understood of the storyline felt a bit cliché. On the whole it was an empty feeling cup of visual brilliance.

Default Avatar caelicorn

I loved the look and feel of this film. The blue/white scenes with the tree and the woman in black were stunning, and the transition from when the main character was awake to when her head hit the pillow felt seamless. It was very thought provoking.

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