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Escaping Eden

by Care Bears of DOOM 186 views


Adam and Eve contemplate leaving the garden of Eden and bringing the word of God to the modern world, whilst Nicky Brick continued to show signs of being awfully unlucky before said two deities unleashed their superpowers of enlightenment. I've got to say I was impressed with the High School teams this year; it was obviously they poured a lot more effort into actually scriptwriting and the coherency displayed has been excellent. This film in particular had some great quick witted puns and inventive camerawork.

This was very entertaining film for me and the costumes were well thought out :-) The leaf I found was used very well and the ending with "I was looking for that" put me puzzling what it was for actually.. kind of twist..? and that nipple scratch was fun little addition though it was kind of cheesy. it would need work on the story side but it had lots of potential to be really good :) try again next year *please*

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