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by STUDiO 545 views


This played like a Bogan version of the Twlight Zone classic 'Where Is Everybody?' with our bearded lead being blissfully unaware the world has ended, but not seeming to really give a shit that it had. To him it just seems like another Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday) hangover. Quite a sexist streak shown at a party by our drunken lead prior to the world ending, but this sets up a nice finish to the film. His stereotype is only further reinforced once the apocalypse hits; not something that should stop him getting his smokes and booze, right? I'm guessing you weren't the biggest fan of the sponsor's product but the film had a nice script and excellent lead performance.

Default Avatar Vi from Space Weed Cake

Nicky Brick was more of a dick than a really unlucky person but everything came well together in this film. The actors and the cinematography seemed particularly good to me. I also quite liked that after a few minutes I forgot the genre of the film and therefore didn't see the ending coming.

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