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Better Dance Good

by The Lion Queens 130 views


A French game show hosts auditions new contestants for their chance to become the next champion of Dance. There were some seriously excellent moves on display with again a good structure to the proceedings. Krump, latin/tango and freestyle were all covered well. I made a note that this had some absolutely excellent use of slow-mo through the human body flop/flop back up dance move that our Nicky Brick could provide with aplomb.

Bloody funny dance! In this dance competition the host was really hard to please.. Some nice ideas for the losers there.. like throwing the first off the windows was bloody hilarious... and the winner had some nice slow mo moves.. The ending provided a nice twist with the winner.. I was thinking if there is going to be another kill and was already thinking its on clear.. but wait.. dead too! The ending could have been better if it was reasoning how the last one was killed.. The winning sound effect was a bit distracting but it was minor thing compared to this movie overall... nice work and some nice dancing too :)

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