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An Apple a Day

by Bob & Carl Films 141 views


Set around the idea that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, although we soon discover that the apples may in fact not be quite so simple as the urban legend suggests. It ended abruptly so I am not sure if anything was missed. I noted good enthusiasm from this young team but I would highly recommend getting some editing and camera practice; the majority of the film was made up of static mid to long range shots which could have benefited from either camera movement or cutting.

Default Avatar squareeyes

This film told the tale of a small town in which an illness spreads through the consumption of locally grown apples. A detective is called in to investigate the mystery as it seems no one but the local gp is unaware of the poisoned apples. This film left much to be desired and it was obvious that the team rushed to get this film submitted in time. The film cut off unexpectedly without a proper ending. The script was actually ok. :-) However if this team wants to improve next year they should focus on more naturalistic acting and their editing skills.

Default Avatar UnderHatter

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Or in this case, keeps him in business... Nice simple setup, if predictable. Really let down by slow pace and over-acting. Why did the Dr have to "sneak" past the journo during his interview with the orchardist? The idea was plain enough without rubbing the audience's noses in it, and it brought down the believability factor fast.

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