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A Tale of Two Bricks

by The Bald Wookies 169 views


Enjoyable superhero film with an artistic son trying not to follow in the footsteps of his superhero Dad. Looks like they had a lot of fun making it. Nice costumes. Most of my team enjoyed this film.

Default Avatar Jenna Lowe

Loved it, made me laugh. Awesome prop use and line of dialogue and some really well thought out shots. Got a little cheesy in there, but I think it added to the story. Got my top vote (after my own of course)

Spandex suits with the 'superhero' eradicating crime but turning those he saves against him, because his moral guidelines are whack and hence the laws being broken may not be as such in terms of actual statutes. Only issue is, the hero in question is the father of the Nicky Brick who has aspirations to dance. This film didn't bother taking itself too seriously which lead to some nice dark humour; the actor who played the senior Brick Barry, was particularly memorable. A good level of colour on screen mixed it up well and whilst some of the jokes fell a bit flat I was engaged. Taking over the family business is never a smooth process if you don't believe in the product.

One of the better Superhero films I've seen. A nice lighthearted story that was packed with plenty of humour. Great use of the Superhero Father, speechless goons and...tap dancing son? But lets not forget the epic 'Tricycle Dub step Rampage' scene. Gold. Main thing that I felt was lacking was the finale duel between the Father and Son. Sadly it seemed a little empty when my heart was still thumping from that dub step. Still much enjoyed.

Default Avatar caelicorn

This was my favourite film! I would watch it on tv. I loved the stories and the characters, especially Brick sr. The actor did a wonderful job of bringing out the character. The dubstep bike scene was utterly hilarious. Good luck you guys!

Default Avatar Izzy_851

Good pace. Interesting take on the super hero theme. High energy performances. Great costumes. Thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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