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Love n Loathing in Suburbia

by One Whare 22 views


Congratulations on pulling off such an intricate and extended one-shot. Kudos for doing it in daylight, where there are no shadows to hide. The old-timeyness of the image worked well, and didnt get annoying. A good solid beating there, always helps, as does an early poo joke. Rollicking soundtrak. The surprise ending was done well too. Wicked.

Default Avatar that guy

This was seriously well done, good work!

Default Avatar Chris Hanlon

My hat is off to you guys! I would dread getting "one shot" but you pulled it off really well. Great stuff!

Interesting look and feel with the one shot and silent film era set up, I liked the use of humour to move the story along and the conclusion at the end. It did feel a bit like a music video rather than a short film - but that doesn't matter, it was still enjoyed by the audience at the heats with some solid laughs, a good effort by team One Whare :)

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