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Somebody Someone reelgoodpeople

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Awesome beginning, with great creativity, I enjoyed it even with the cheese factor being pretty high, although it had a pretty big tonal shift so I thought they could of edited down the song near the end and maybe used less shallow depth of field shots, (just some critical feedback for you). But in saying that, it was a slick production and a very solid short by team Rubber Soul Productions. Good luck in the finals!

The Brick Flick

Some fun moments, especially the main guy running out of his clothes every time they tried to grab him and a neat but sad twist at the end.


Some fun moments, especially the slow-mo, we all new what he was going to say, which made us love it even more. Your lead actress did well, quite a natural effort to move the story forward with her dialogue. Good solid first effort, learn from this experience and you will come back even stronger next year!

Love n Loathing in Suburbia

Interesting look and feel with the one shot and silent film era set up, I liked the use of humour to move the story along and the conclusion at the end. It did feel a bit like a music video rather than a short film - but that doesn't matter, it was still enjoyed by the audience at the heats with some solid laughs, a good effort by team One Whare :)