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by Intelligent Design 1,639 views


I was really impressed by the acting of the main girl. She was fantastic! I actually enjoyed the film and thought it was quite entertaining despite the ending which I found a little underwhelming. A shame it was disqualified. I could definitely see a nomination for the female lead.

Default Avatar Cranberry

A fun/crime style open, this film seemed to lean toward horror in a few places. Some really fantastic facials from the actress and humerous moments. Tied in the explanation for Nicky 'Brick' nicely! Shame you guys were disqualified, better luck next year!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

[Disqualified: Only half a film originally submitted] Nicky is a bit of a klutz. Her mother and father seem to be dead but she goes a bit Norman Bates on us. Jim from next door comes to visit and Nicky invites him to stay for coffee. As Nicky is acting weird he declines (I think!) but agrees to return at some stage to fix her tap. This was oddly coloured to begin with. There were some effective shots and the acting from Nicky was very convincing. I wrote down nice "penis and balls reference" but can't recall what it was. Maybe that tells the tale of this short - weird but not overly memorable!

A film about an odd girl and a glimpse into her life. Good music during the beginning parts. Great shot of the street after the opening scene. What the heck was the girl doing leaving the food behind?? I would have cleared the spray bottles and junk from behind the window on the shot from the outside looking in. Great sequence with the water dripping. Ahh... my previous question about the food is answered: Jim, the neighbor, brings the food that was dropped. Good audio, clear dialogue. I liked all the little pick-up shots between the scene with the neighbor and the next scene. Creepy dialogue between the neighbor and Nicky re: "brick". Very clever use of the prop. Some of the dialogue seemed to pan a bit unusually. Great music and editing during the sequence between dinner being served and the neighbor arriving. But... she hung herself? What the eff. Unsatisfying ending, though I guess I don't know how you could have done it differently. Good performance from the main "Nicky" actress. Things to work on: A more engaging story? Pretty well done from most of the technical standpoints, I just didn't find myself connecting that much with what was going on onscreen.

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