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Default Avatar Cinematic_Chch

I watched this film in the heats. It had some really gripping moments, graphic violence and intense acting and that made it a very memorable short. The short focusses on a mum and dad who have lost their daughter and blame a retarded postman called Kerry. They capture the postman, chain him up and smash him around to try and get some answers. I liked the way we were left not knowing what happens. I liked the way you tapped into the fact that people can act irrationally when they dont believe justice has been served, but overall I wasn't a fan of this short, and that is for one reason... I am a father. I can't imagine something this sinister ever happening to my child, and I am not going to enjoy watching a film with this content matter. It hits a bit close to home for me... I dont want anything bad to happen to children in the films I watch. But this is just how I felt watching it... Solid acting, a well-told story that I felt ended how it should have. I didn't feel that you nailed the great genre you were given, (but your film did focus on a crime, so that counts) and I'm not sure how many films this year will have slow-motion shots of leaves falling to the ground, but I'd probably need to take my shoes off to start counting them. Oh, and I loved your team intro! Its great to see what other work you've been doing in the competition in that way. Nice.

Default Avatar MR MKB

The Father of a missing girl kidnaps their simple postman to gain a confession, believing he is the one to blame for her disappearance. A nice concept. I liked the fact that this film felt like it was almost a segment from a feature film, as though someone had just screened the final act. I liked how the wife and husband played off each other, one being pro-active and agressive, the other being nurturing but hurt. The acting was solid; the wife being most notable with her tenderness after the husband's agression. To me it seemed the wife was the focus of the film, as she was presented with two questions. Should she exact revenge simply on a hunch? Or is it better to forgive? I felt this idea was a little cut short though, and could've been explored just a bit more. Film's technical side could've been improved on a little (predominantly lighting and composition), but the wound effects were impressively realistic. Nice concept though guys! This one definitely had some thought behind it.

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