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The List

by Team Try Hards 718 views


Default Avatar mdcanham

I would rate it more but it won't let me watch it...

Default Avatar Anne Ridgway

Action right from the start. Kept me interested all the way through, but the best of all was the ending! Also the kid who played the gatekeeper with the riddle about the milk bottles was good.

Default Avatar Rob H

My fave of the heat (well, to be honest, apart from my own one! ha ha), great editing kept you interested and excited, good twist in the tale, and yes Anne, also like the milk bottle riddle kid, gorgeous.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Probably the best editing of the heat, well shot and paced not sure I loved the ending but it worked for the film.

Default Avatar Brent Loy

Liked the beginning. It was really fun. But it kinda changed tone or lost something around the middle. Also that filter was kinda weird with all the blurring around the edges. Reminds me of Instagram....

Default Avatar mac61

Great storyline and special effects. Totally engrossing with a great twist at the end.

This was pretty damn good... Whilst I personally am not a fan of goofy staged fights (between the old 'karate' woman and the dude)... It appears the audience liked it. Acting was good... Locations were good... At the end the plot was easy to understand... they were on a mission - had to complete the tasks on a list... But the real treat was the switch to computer game... nicely played - packed the right punch to the small Sunday audience (also - loved the scene on the cliff top with the bearded warlock dude).

Best fantasy adventure I've seen this year, I nearly cried with mirth when no-one went through a door and ended up in Waitakere or pranced around in a white dress. Action-fantasy-adventure excellent choice

Well acted, well shot, well paced and well ended. I would have rather the fight scene was more genuine as the hammy action didn’t really fit with the rest of the film. It was well done hammy action though. Deserving of audience favourite [he types begrudgingly…].

Default Avatar BCC

Thought this one was awesome! SOoo funny! Laughed my head off! From script to hammy-action acting to the Riddler's final line to get through! Fight scene with the witch was a real crackup! Loved the nose-grab! And the Riddler was really cute! Loved his presence on screen and delivered the lines really well. Such a laugh to how he actually had to open the door to his crazy-as riddle! Twist at the end of the whole story was great. Really entertaining from beginning to end and the quality of the filming and editing were excellent. This one looks a contender for the finals!

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

Oh yawn drawn, another team with a high budget and a team of semi-professionals ready to put another weird filter on in After Effects and think of a witty twist ending for their film that could have easily fit into several genres.

Default Avatar Arthur McCray

I thought the ending was very clever and quirky but I thought all the running was very cliche. "Everybody is running therefore it's exciting." Not very creative.

Default Avatar JC

I thought this came together quite well considering the genre which was given fair to say it did fit the category and the part at the end was a good link oh and the gate keeper lol was hilarious!!

This is easily my favourite of the heat (more than mine I hate to say). The story works fantastically, it's got a great mix of action, suspense and a little bit of comedy. Its shot well and edited fantastically. Easily the best editing in the heat and probably some the best editing i've ever seen in this competition. The ending was funny, but i felt it took away from the epic feel the rest of the short had.

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