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by Chairman Wow 308 views


Default Avatar Jordanc

Creepy editing. Really nice intro. Nice style. But it got a bit tiring, and couldn't understand the story at all. Really slow moving. Otherwise good job.

Default Avatar NoseyTheParka

This got boring, fast. Didnt really understand what was happening...Cool effects.

Default Avatar UncleAngel

Rather disappointed as I could not follow what was happening, or what the actual plot was. The only way I would possibly watch this again is if I was on an acid trip

Default Avatar muftix

I couldn't understand the story, but the movie delivers a nice cinematography, nice graphics, a mood and has a cool sound design. Too bad I still can't tell what it was about.

Default Avatar Francis O'Hearnily

Looked great -then bored me to death. A horror?

Default Avatar Mr Pink

Beautifully shot! This was well made. Although the story was unclear and nothing really seemed to happen. Also, did they use the line? There didn't seem to be any dialogue.

Default Avatar Mary.H

really cool effects but couldnt understand the story and did they say the line?

Default Avatar this_little_p1ggy

honestly it was a good movie but i had to look at the ceiling the whole time because i was so scared... then again it was a i guess you did a great job!!!!

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