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by Dilworth School 828 views


A serious horror film with some nice editing work. Two teenage guys buy some of the latest drugs around on the market, which turn out to be cut up green leaves that you eat. The guys and some other mates drop a leaf each, which results in one going on a rampage and killing every one. The story is told in a creative, non-linear fashion with some frightening atmospheric sound editing guiding us between the lucid and drugged scenes. Ultimately, the story was a little thin and the acting fairly unconvincing. However there was some real post-production talent and a deep understanding of genre on display here.

Default Avatar tessaprince

I liked this film it was funny but still scary, the editing was done very well, I loved the cuts to him doing crazy things with like a you've just done acid filter on

i thought this was a really cool film. I liked the jumps in the story i thought it would have been a little more interesting if you'd focused less on the opening scene and more on the ending, but I still found it a cool film and i loved the shots with the lights in the background.

Default Avatar Darkestpuddle

A little green but reasonable acting

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