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Stake & Chips

by The Internationals 352 views


Bobby Young turns up late to a game of poker, which some people he knows have basically setup as a chance to get back at him. To be honest it seemed like he was still a bully, rather than a former one, but that's just me. The tables get turned due to Bobby (literally) holding an ace up his sleeve, and by destroying the others at poker tensions mount as he continues to torment those that brought him there through verbal insults. This wasn't too polished from a technical level I noted, with several shots being completely out of focus. Also a blunt simplistic ending which ruined it for me as I had my interest piqued when the stakes were raised to their highest.

Not a lot going on here to be honest. A one room revenge film, involving a game of poker where Bobby Young is scheduled to get his comeuppance for past bullying crimes. Turns out he's still a dick and torments the other players with some nasty calls. This may be the one time I wished the freeze-frame ending didn't exist so I could enjoy what would have happened next. I did like the use of prop though: a piece of wire strapped to the wrist to conceal an Ace of Spades. I also enjoyed the performance by the dude in the glasses who seemed like he didn't want to be there (the character, I mean ...maybe the actor too, who knows?).

Default Avatar shiny

You got the hardest genre and handed something in. Good use of the prop

Very much an "I don't get it" kind of film. The poker game was a predictable one room set up, and the plan to get revenge on Bobby wasn't very clear. So the characters set up a poker game an plan to... what? Cheat him out of his money? But they don't cheat. So their grand plan doesn't seem to make any sense at all. Bobby was a suitably nasty character - but the overall acting and technical style wasn't really up to scratch. Having said that, there were some moments in the dialogue that worked, use of the bent wire was clever and the freeze frame was well done if a bit predictable.

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