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by Le Strange 365 views


Default Avatar Riles66

This film started strongly the devil character was suitably creepy, some very good shots and techniques built tension and suspense beautifully only for it to fizzle out into a damp squib of an ending, It seemed you just ran out of ideas. I'd loved to have given this film a higher score but it just had no ending.

Default Avatar Dannielle Boomasaur

i loved the shot at the end when your doing a moom (moving zoom) and the train is going by as your moving backward. totally kick ass shot. but yea, little OTT on the devil character

the ending was forked... it was a shame because you built it up really well, and then it just drops off at the end. otherwise, very nice camera work, and edited really well, dialogue was a little OTT, i have a feeling your actor has a theater background.

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