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by The Oh Ladies


Default Avatar Patricia Hetherington

One: I loved your team introduction. Two: well done on the film. I liked your eco-warrior character, and especially liked her sign. Well done.

An eco-conscious woman keeps taking the effort to make sure the recycling is done correctly, but gets very frustrated at being undermined by her neighbour. So she goes to her flatmate Bobby Young for help, who comes up with some pretty devious plans for revenge. However when writing a letter to sort out the situation, our lead forgets the other side already had something written on it before getting it through to their messy neighbour. This results in brilliantly awkward confusion. The non-recyclable guitars and team intro were simply fantastic, this film was more about the creation of a want for revenge, rather than carrying it out.

Hilarious. Tremendous performances from everyone involved. A poetry-writing, Mother Earth-loving hippy is extremely frustrated with her neighbour's complete disregard for how recycling works. She decides to take revenge and receives some (terrifyingly specific) ideas from her flatmate. However, due to some misunderstandings and the man she's seeking revenge on having English as a second language, her attempts at revenge are misinterpreted for romantic aspirations. Loved the freeze-frame ending, and this short was particularly well-written, with some signifiers (such as writing on both sides of paper) being set up early for great effect later. I really loved that protest sign she had written too, but can't for the life of me remember what it said! Seriously, find me on twitter, I need to know! Full marks.

Default Avatar shiny

This is my favourite of the heat (other than my own, natually :) ) A clever and well-portrayed story.

I really like the title. Simple, but it manages to convey both the subject and, after seeing the film, a pretty intense feeling of frustration. I thought it was a great take on the revenge genre - often when it is brought back to real life falls a little flat - but not this time. Funny & a plot that kept me interested. Plus bonus points for the costume department.

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