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by Team Bella 161 views


Default Avatar Jaz Flitcroft

Like the horror use of the wire, clever use of how you did the wire. could improve the start of the film abit but all in all, i thought you made a fantastic shoot in a weekend. good quality file too, so that a bonus

Do you get disqualified for using the wire as a character instead of a prop? :) Great film guys, thought the story line was interesting. I was just waiting for Bobby to come save the day at the end. I thought the whole attack sequence was really well done. A few sound issues at the beginning of the film, couldn't hear the lines from in the car well, but overall one of my favorites from the night.

Default Avatar WaikatoRiverLuvah

Quite a few sound issues so no idea what the first couple of mins were about but other than that it was a great little short! Loved the wire concept. Pretty entertaining!!

Default Avatar mmmmmwaikato

enjoyed the wire idea really creative. I have to agree with WaikatoRiverluvah, Pretty entertaining!!

Default Avatar Sibelius6

in the heats I don't really remember paying attention to this after being deafened by the sound in the first minute. paid more attention in the final and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. cool effects with the wire, the fog, and the score :) :)

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