Pre-launch Information for Teams - Weekend 2

Posted 9th March 2021

We are getting ready to roll into our second shoot weekend for the Auckland teams starting at 7pm on Friday! Here is some information for your team before you start.

Due to the Alert Levels, we will have an online launch starting from 6.30pm - 7pm on Friday 12th March, streaming on our VF48Hours Facebook Page here.


Currently, Auckland is at alert level 2 and the rest of the country is at alert level 1. Please remember to make sure that you follow all the government restrictions during the shoot weekend for where you are located. If the levels change during the weekend then you will need to make sure you follow the new restrictions.

At Alert level 3 and 4, you should stay home and in your bubble while making your film. Under level 3 and 4 filmmaking outside of your home or with those outside your direct bubble is not possible.

At Alert level 2 you should track all your movements using the scanner app, or keep a written list. You should practice good hand hygiene and sanitise. You should maintain social distancing of 2m when in public and if this is not possible wear a face covering.

At Alert level 1 you should track all your movements using the scanner app, or keep a written list. You should practice good hand hygiene and sanitise. 

Information can be found here -

Health and Safety:

48Hours is committed to running a safe competition. You are responsible for your own health and safety but we aim to help by providing links to information about your responsibilities and obligations and paperwork to assist with this. We have in detail instructions and information on our website’s health and safety page.

You should also make sure that your team uses the Covid QR code scanning app and scans all the locations visited. Alternatively you can keep a written record of locations. Teams can also generate their own QR code for their production here. All team members or visitors to the production team should scan in. Keep VF48hours safe and traceable!

Genre and Required Elements: 

When the registrations have closed, your team's genre number will be listed on the relevant city info pages. 

The required elements and genre that pertains to your genre number will be announced on Friday night in our live stream launch on our Facebook page, for those who can't tune in, we will list the elements on our website at 7pm.

L'Affare Coffee:
We have delicious L'Affare coffee to giveaway to our registered teams to help you get through the weekend.
Read the city info page for your region to see where you can get yours, any teams that miss out on the weekend we will bring the coffee to the city/regional finals.

Wrap up Form:
Make sure you fill in the wrap-up form on our website before 7pm on Sunday. Your password was emailed to you with your registration receipt. If you do not have your password, please get in touch with your city manager to request it.

Hand in: 
Read the Film Submission page for all the information needed for submitting your film. 

All film entries will be submitted completely online this year with the help of Digital Pigeon via this upload link.

Uploads must begin before 7 pm Sunday, March 7th - we can see the time in the upload portal. If your upload fails you can re-submit your file within 48 hours as long as it matches the MD5 code in your wrap up form, which you will also need to submit before 7 pm Sunday, March 7th. 

You will receive an email confirmation from Digital Pigeon once your film has uploaded. If you got the digital pigeon email and don't hear from us at VF48Hours HQ, that is a good thing, we will have our head down processing all the films for the judges, so no news is good news.


The schedule for the Heats will be published once we have received all of your submissions. They will span from the 16th March to the 2nd April depending on your region.

All heats will be streamed on our Youtube Channel. This is one of the areas of the comp we adjusted due to the pandemic and we look forward to getting back to cinemas in future years. The upside is that filmmakers can see heats from the other regions, if covid levels allow, we encourage you to get together as a team and have your own watch party screenings.


There are many options for using music in your films this year: 

  • Use music from our music partner - West One Music Group
  • Record your own music
  • Use music from a subscription service
  • Use tracks from paid or free production music sites
  • Get permission from people you know to use their music


This year we have a shared login to the whole of West One Music Group’s online catalogue.
USERNAME: 48hours2021
Password: westone

We have one user for everyone doing 48hours so you might want to bookmark your favourite tracks rather than save it to favourites. This free music resource is for the 2021 VF48hours film only no other projects, please respect this. Downloads can start from 7pm on Friday 5th March.

For anymore info on music use feel free to check our handy music FAQ on our website here


It is important to consider copyright when creating your film. To ensure all of your creative work is future proofed, for release forms and more information on legalities, read the Copyright and Legal FAQ page on our website.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to your region’s city manager. Otherwise, you can ask questions and start discussion in our 48Hours Facebook group or our Discord channel. An email from your region's city manager will follow soon, with specific details about your region. 


To help you get prepared for the shoot weekend, here are our top tips.

Know your teammates skills and what resources you all have access to. 

  • Have actors and location ideas brewing and ready to go.

  • Decide on roles

  • Plan how to keep yourselves well fed and reasonably rested.

  • Test all of your camera and sound equipment, charge any batteries.

  • Check that your computer, hard-drive and editing software is ready to go.

  • Be ready for hand in, know how to sort out all of your tech and info so that your submission can go smoothly.

For more tips, have a read through of our advice page on our website or watch the Q and A sessions recorded over the month. 

Teams love to see photos, you can share photos in our Facebook group and if you share photos, progress reports, videos, etc, add our hashtag #48HoursNZ to your post.

We look forward to seeing all of your films, photos and hearing your stories.

Ngā manaakitanga,

Vista Foundation 48Hours HQ
Ness, Ruth and Ant