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The Last Cuppa

by Drake & Co.


Fresh take on the pending-apocalypse, with the character acting super blasé about it all. Some nice dialogue too. Some higher production values and a bit more variety in the shots could have bumped this up.

Default Avatar levernbraefilms

Interesting take on an 'end of the world movie', the couple being so very blasé. All in all very smooth dialogue. I would have enjoyed more conflict, or change in tone throughout the film, whether it be pacing in the edit or derived through character. The end with the clear sound of the meteor hitting earth, followed by the radio announcing that they had the all clear was confusing.

I often tend to think when these films go significantly under 5 minutes there's a bit of a missed opportunity, more stuff that could be included. I enjoyed what there was though, amusingly awkward dialogue amidst the overdone end of the world backdrop. I think you could have added enough in the extra 2 minutes to get up to 5 star quality

Lighting was the main ingredient to let us know the end is near in this real-time film. I enjoyed the contrast of the mundane reactions to a catastrophic, monumental event - matching pyjamas, running out of popcorn and credit on his phone. I think the film could have benefitted from more art department rather than shooting it against a white wall and to lose the American accent as there is no reason for it. The end scene was confusing as it looked and sounded like it had crashed into the earth then the radio said otherwise. I enjoyed it and I rather than make it longer as someone suggested, I think making every shot and word count with performance and camera work/art department.

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