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by Ultimation Studios


It's definitely a weird story although there's good weird, bad weird and in between weird, think this falls into the last category. Looks like there was something there that could have been developed into something great with a bit more time. Although you seem to be aware of your limitations and embrace them which I enjoy seeing, it's a bit like our team (Foreign Objects, Christchurch). The ending seemed to leave it open for a possible sequel (not sure if that was the intention) you may or may not get a suitable genre to make the sequel next time so I'd suggest you just make a sequel outside the competition if that's the way you're thinking.

Default Avatar levernbraefilms

This was a really fun film, absolutely made by the chemistry of the two actors- both well suited for the role they played. The story structure was really good, but you need to make every step of the story as clear as possible to your audience. For example, the leaving jail/breakout could have been clearer. I would love to give higher stars, but the production quality has a bit to go yet- focus points could be shooting in the right light, varying your shots and editing pace and mixing your sound to even it all out.

A chatty cell-mate discloses the existence of a legendary golden toilet located in Wainuiomata and the pair break out of jail to find out if the rumours are true. This film is carried by the dynamic between this unlikely duo in a string of comedic moments. The humour is in the banter between the two and the mistakes they make start to play out like a comedy of errors. There was a few technical issues with the film but was an overall enjoyable watch. I realise the toilet never existed which left me questioning why they ended up at the guards house, that bit was slightly unclear, was it planned all along?

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