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Jurrasic Park: But For People

by Freyberg High School


Jurassic Park: But for People pretty much sums this one up! Another nice film from Freyberg High School. Great location choice for the comedy night, it really added to the vibe of the film. This film was well put together, and had some awesome VFX, very impressive. The advertising segment was hilarious, along with the trapped 'failed exhibits', and the editing and acting were great too. Loved the terrible jokes too. Good job!

Default Avatar 4Mary

So many different aspects of this film that were so great. Being transported off to Jurassic Park being one of them. Fabulous make up, a pity about the behind shot of one of the actors showing white skin at the back. Cutting that shot from the film would have made for higher production values.

Default Avatar blybbs

I loved the originality of this film! I laughed quite a lot. This team is very clever with their scripts - always a surprise. And great humour as well. The special effects were impressive. Keep it up, team.

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