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Banana Split

by Toowit Toowoo


Default Avatar Miguel Nitis

This was the personal favourite for one of the judges! It is a bit weird having a dramatic theme at the start only to have the rest of the movie slow right down, but that didn't stop 'Banana Split' from being one of the best films of Dunedin in 2019. Toowit Toowoo are very economic with their locations, keeping the bulk of the film firmly in their kitchen. Upon re-watching, you realise that the fate of the banana is foreshadowed throughout, and to do this in the 5 minutes available is a mark of very professional planning/storyboarding. The music felt like it dragged a bit and most of the shots were quite static, but aside from that it's a great film full of good humour and a brilliant twist.

Quite a charming little Ultra short which is a sort of live action/animation hybrid. I quite liked what they did with the rounded corners on the split screens as it added to the social media theme of the story. I will say this though, coming of age is a bit of a stretch here if I'm honest. Basically the story follows a Banana who is bought up by a social media food photographer and he spends his life in the food bowl hoping to become a delicious meal ignorant to his fate in the trash after he is made for the sole purpose of getting likes on social media. It's an enjoyable film though maybe it needs a little more punch pace wise and in terms of voice acting and there isn't much else to say outside of that.

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