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by Permanently Confused


Default Avatar MistaTeas

For thirty years a woman has heeded the warning of her mother. When finally temptation gets the better of her it results in an unwanted release. Played for laughs throughout this film mostly hits. Personally I find vagina jokes as tiresome as dick jokes but never-the-less this short will find its audience. Typically tight production and competently acted this is also a brave and creative take on the genre. It is kind of one note though, with the same central joke on repeat.

Joke is kind of given away by the title but still solidly funny, particularly the Candyman parody aspect. What I'm left wondering is how this didn't get an R16 rating and therefore disqualified, I know there's no actual nudity but have seen films get R16 for explicitly sexual themes even if they don't have nudity. Great use of SFX with the genie appearance, guessing the tied up lady at the end was meant to be the mum?

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