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by au revoir knee


Nicely atmospheric and had some promise in terms of theme but my overall feeling was that of being a bit short changed. The story needed to be fleshed out, obviously there was the time limit so perhaps this wasn't the best thing to tackle for a 5 minute film. That said it had the best use of the double take I've seen in ay 2019 film so far (normally I don't even notice them).

Default Avatar AJMurtagh

I think this story had a lot of potential and still does. I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and their motivations. Given the time restraints as mentioned already in another review, more details may have been a challenge to incorporate. I think the performers did an excellent job of leaning into the world of the film and gave honest performances. I think this is a story worth developing into a longer form short film or even a web series. The creators could come up with some really cool stuff regarding duality and identity, in my opinion.

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