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by Big Boys


Default Avatar CatFan

A teen guy ends up in a murder spiral that just keeps getting worse. Some fantastic acting in this one, well done to all of your for your realistic portrayals of fun characters. Some pretty dynamic shot choices too, props to the director. Real time is for sure one of the more difficult genres and you pulled it off without it ever feeling boring. Good on ya!

Default Avatar noodlecake

Dynamic cinematography, lacks in story, with some character development. Great use of humor.

Default Avatar dundunfun

Yes big boys! Not sure if it was quite the real time movie it could have been, perhaps you needed a clock to show time passed? Or maybe I missed that part. Excellent story and execution, and very impressive V-Chug. Be proud of this great film.

When I was watching this I was trying to figure out his motivation for his homicidal actions. Then when I came here to review I read that the first death was accidental which made it all make more sense, however I then watched the start again and it still didn't appear to clearly be an accident because the actual death wasn't shown. Still this minor detail aside it was a most enjoyable effort and an interesting story to squeeze into the difficult real time genre but pulled off just fine. Loved the nod to the competition sponsors with the V drink.

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