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Natural Selection

by Grass Cloud


Default Avatar CatFan

A group of people await the end of the world. There were good cringe moments in this one, but the narrative wasn't very clear. The world set up of animals rising up and taking over the world was great - I just want to see THAT movie now though! The flashing lights through the window at the end were a nice touch, but I kept expecting the final shot to be an army of animals attacking!

Default Avatar koroh the geek

We're going to die soon so lets do a lucky dip and do some crazy shit before it happens! Was kind of a good way to imply something has gone wrong in the world and we know the end is coming. I did think the impending doom was nuclear war though and not so much nature run amok, though I fell sorry for the poor feline getting abused. (I know / hope you didn't really yell at it) I'm rather saying it should have looked like it had a virus or something to give it a sinister look. And then, yes, lets get it on... oh wait you threw up on me. Oh well! Good production and good job

Default Avatar Bunnrey

I agree with CatFan that the more interesting movie was happening off camera - but obviously it doesn't always work like that in 48hrs and you did a good job putting character, humor and some drama in 5 minutes. Just a shame we didn't get much of nature run amok, unless you're talking about human nature? Liked the ambiguity of the ending but could've used a bit more subtle storytelling and world-building throughout to deliver on the premise.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

I watched this a couple of times back-to-back in the screening room. I really enjoyed the "Lucky Dip of Wishes" sequence and thought the relationships between the characters were very natural. I also enjoyed how the ending was delivered, especially the scream into the oncoming wind. A few questions though: If the animals have taken over how exactly are they using our weapons? Do we have a Planet of the Apes type situation here? Are humans fighting back? It didn't seem so. And why would the animals wipe the planet out ? Likely that would bring about their extinction too? It's all kind of explained away too quickly. Enjoyed it though as once we get inside the pacing is great. Watch out for the reflection of your camera op in glasses next time. :)

I'm guessing you probably don't have the technical ability to show nature running amok, no worries, our team would have struggled with that to, but still made it clear that was happening off screen. Moderately entertaining overall although nothing spectacular.

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