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May I Suggest

by Night Cafe Productions


Beautifully shot with an iron-fist edit (you might be up for an editing nomination) and other nice production touches like the simple but effective VR Package prop. Also presents a solid take on the Holiday genre, but the idea could have done more to stand out in this Black Mirror era. The concept of stress being a prison could have been fleshed out and used more foreshadowing to give the film the impact it’s missing. As it stands, the ending seems a bit too sudden. Nevertheless, there’s some excellent craft here that was a pleasure to witness on the big screen.

Default Avatar Navi Collaborative

Interesting concept and some beautifully executed shots. Loved the isolation of the holiday shots and the cross cuts in her decline were particularly effective. Would have loved to have spent more time building to her upset.

A slight, but passable diversion with nice use of locations and credit for dressing summery on the beach, doubt it would have been that warm even though you are in Auckland. Idea of drug induced virtual holiday was interesting as was the scenario of being held captive although I think more could have been done with the concept. Also I wasn't clear on the ending, had she OD'd or was she going to wake up?

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