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Lasting Moments

by AC


Default Avatar CatFan

A young man remembers his friendship with another teen who passed away. Kudos to you for attempting a drama in a competition filled to the gills with comedy. It was clear that you were trying to portray a touching relationship with a sad ending. The overall arc was clear and it was very sweet. Some sound mix issues held this one back, but I look forward to seeing what this film does in the future.

Default Avatar TheBigBruhBoy

Absolutely amazing film, never have I seen such immaculate cinematography from a high school team.

Default Avatar Michael Adams

This film had a tremendous impact on my feelings and I really admire the effort to create such a spectacular piece of art that had a compact story line and characters. Gaylen's opinion doesn't matter and he can assume what he wants but at the end of the day, Gaylen is just a dumbass with stupid assumptions and I reckon that he's just down voting this film due to wanting a more positive ranking on his favourite film.

Default Avatar TarantinoFan48

A lonely boy struggles to connect with the world and finds common ground through means of art and television. His relationship with the secondary main character highlights his delusion and desire to connect with others. The film has an interesting storyline with a sad ending of some characters story arcs. A very well done to all who worked on this film for your unique interpretation of your genre this year. You were able to stick to the main ideas of a 'Buddy Film', but still put your own twist on this theme. Close-up shots and other cinematography techniques were exquisitely used to show the actors emotions, and left the audience wondering what will happen next. For a small cast and crew, this film truly exhibits innovative thinking. From the complex storyline and editing to the sharp scene acting, these team members are definitely young up-and-comers in the film industry with a vast amount of potential. I look forward to seeing what they will be able to do together in the future and wish them all the best.

Default Avatar Mia Kelly

非常感謝你 我非常欣賞這部電影 謝謝 Sorry don’t speak English many.

Default Avatar rabbiddawg

This film was outstanding in all respects. The acting was represented well you could clearly tell these two had been good friends for a lasting time. The cinematography was very pretty, the visuals were breath-taking. I enjoyed the juxtaposition between the distortion of reality and illusion especially this added to mystique of the story-line, which left the audience with a sense of wonder. Probably one of the films with the most audible sound quality. I look forward to following the progress of this film and see where it leads to in the future. Some exciting talent to come out of a high school team!

Default Avatar Alan Pang

Delightful little film is all heart and a sure shot Oscar contender

It looks like people involved with this film are voting it up or maybe creating multiple accounts. I noticed 6 out the other 7 reviews are from people who joined up 3 weeks and 1 day ago, and there seems to be an effort to try and hide what you're doing with some of these accounts having 1 or 2 other reviews to their name and some of them giving high but not perfect scores (also the dodgy review that says something in Chinese and then says don't speak English). Anyway because you're not going to win a prize for a high user score I'll be honest with 3 stars rather than punishing you for upvoting with a 1 star review. Some of the conversation and relationship had potential here but it was underdeveloped and the death with no explanation left a lot to be desired. Overall this film needed more time than what you had available to draw enough out of the scenario.

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