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Everything wrong with the world in five minutes

by The Vinny Eastwood Show


Default Avatar Melanie Joy Sutch

Thanks Vinny!! Telling it like it is,much respect.

This is a partially successful experiment of a film. Black and White is certainly a way to differentiate your film although it's unlikely to be many people's cup of tea. I generally don't like English being subtitled but it may have helped keep up with the rambling nature of the film in this instance. The points were certainly interesting although there seemed to be a bit of a blurry line between what was straight paranoia and what was possibly legitimate. The whole yard clean up as a backdrop to the narration seemed a bit of a disconnect but what it did do was ensure that the film fitted into its assigned genre which as real time was a tricky one, maybe the subject matter might have best fit into another genre where it would have been possible to show images of what was being described. The best part in my opinion was the rest of the film from when the narration stopped and the debt collector came in. I can definitely see how this could be a favourite with some people who are inclined to what may be described as art films.

Default Avatar AJMurtagh

An interesting take on the real time genre. The dialogue seemed disconnected to the action of yard work, though the notion of a character listening to a podcast was a cool way to present the narration. A unique concept that could be explored and experimented with more deeply. Some will agree with what the film says, others will disagree and others will hold more varied points of view. But that's kind of the point of filmmaking really.

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