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Chasing Planksy

by 2019 WINNER


Default Avatar CatFan

Bold team name, folks! This had a fun mockumentary style, with some great character acting throughout. Well done especially to the man in the various wigs, and the actress milking her V pour. I also really enjoyed the informative info about who Planksy was, it helped me get my head around the narrative. Looking forward to seeing what your team does in the future. (But the big question is: Are you brave enough to have this exact team name next year??)

Default Avatar noodlecake

Great actors with screen presence but story was lacking.

Default Avatar dundunfun

Hilarious story, had the audience laughing (always a good sign.) Adored the pour scene, that was quality. I think you might have missed some middle section of the story to give it more meat, but still very entertaining none the less.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A mockumentary that seeks to discover the identity of the infamous Planksy. While there are some nice touches of humour in this, it ultimately falls rather flat as we rinse 'n' repeat our film crew not seeing Planksy who is "hiding" in plain sight. There are some good performances especially from our wig swapping lead and in general, the pace of the film is lively. The informative illustration sequence is a real stand-out and I think you should have included more interviews rather than some of the key-stone cop chase scenes. It may have also been better to frame everything from Planksy's point-of-view which would have given a little more intrigue to the story.

Definitely points for originality and giggles but it seemed a stretch that anyone would find the enigmatic Planksy so fascinating. Also planking was a big deal a few years ago but it's been a while since I've heard anything about it, maybe pick a more current fad as a theme next time.

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