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The Stand-In

by Currie Street Creatives 102 views


Default Avatar 48s fan

Great job as always from these guys - well done - good acting fun and solid production

You can always expect a high quality short with lots of classic, awkward, situational comedy from these guys. They clearly know what they're doing and delivered again this year. Clever concept, with a great setup. Great cinematography and motion graphics as always, and the twists and turns of the story were fantastic. A great performance by Andy Jackson, who I think was a casualty of the combined Best Performer award this year and probably would have got Best Actor if it had still been a thing. Congrats to Brittany for another successful year too. Part of me would really like to see this team branch out and try something a little different, but at the same time, we know that short, sweet, quirky, awkward humor works well for 48 hours so why fix what ain't broke I guess? These guys would certainly be contenders for taking on the Ultra challenge, however, although not sure if they still say you have to have done 5 films already or not. In any case, another great film from these guys, complete with the obligatory puddle of pee!

Default Avatar 4Mary

We all expected something good and you delivered. I enjoyed the film, always a good laugh. That large font for the count down was a bit out there. I can just imagine the fun brain storming all the things you could do to delay the trip. Nice work.

Default Avatar curtis.d.lockley

this was well deserved of the accolades it received, was well thought through and edited great. i thought the film wouldn't have been the same without the countdown timer that was used that was well done. and of course the acting was great.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When a couple of robbers mistakenly get into Terry the Luber Rideshare driver's car they only need him to do one thing..."Drive, Terry, drive!" A lot done really well here in all of the production categories. Also solidly acted and easy to see why it won so many awards in Taranaki. The story itself - one of mistaken identity essentially - is a well-trodden path but Currie Street have injected some nice touches of awkward kiwi humour that mostly sticks. The reality is that not a lot happens and while all the characters are likable there's not much they have to do and even though we have a ticking clock the stakes seem rather low.

A fun filled case of mistaken identity with a modern twist. Very reminiscent of 2010's Peter Jackson Wildcard THE POOL, in some ways what is most interesting is what has changed in just eight years. This well shot crime caper opens with some impressively rotoscoped titles, which raised my expectations beyond what is realistic for 48 hours. The rest of the graphics in the film have more of the usual rushed charm that we're used to seeing. After a stellar performance from Terry and few funny gags, the plot wraps up rather predictably. Great to see a blooper reel during the credits crawl, always nice when people have fun making these films. A well earned 5 star rating.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Great fun concept for a film, these guys pulled out all the stops on their motion graphics as well. A Luber driver... I guess they were worried about legal action from Uber picks up some crooks who need to get to their destination quick. I thought it was a get away for a robbery at first, maybe it's somewhere between a robbery and a delivery. The cinematography was somewhat uninspired but it didn't take away from the film. They worked in gags through the various stops he is forced to make along the way and those were reasonably good too. Highlight for me was probably the end where you see Alfie at the waiting point as a woman climbs into the car wondering why it isn't "The boys".

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