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Mannequin Shenanigans

by Shots Fired Productions 85 views


Loved this film! Performance from the lead was hilarious and on point. Great beginning sequence, which, although it has been used a bit before, was very well suited to the genre and the style of movie. Was great to dive straight into the action with no idea what's going on, and then have that slowly unfold. Great use of the silhouettes to tell that part of the story. I wasn't sure if the Trump footage was public domain or you had the rights for it though? I guess perhaps it was since the film is not DQ'd, but something to make sure of :). Great concept though, loved it. Where did you get so many mannequins from?? Music was used really well, as was audio in general, and some VFX. Great trial scene and some good comedy with the fight. Well done, and hope to see you enter again next year. Also I know your teacher Mr. Tairea, so hi Ian if you read this, from Hannah at Code Avengers!

Default Avatar 4Mary

Fabulous story line and great telling of the story. A talented actor.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A misdirected H-Bomb has caused some societal havoc in NZ and authoritative mannequins seem to have taken over. I think this had a number of elements that could have really struck on something fantastic. A solid lead actor, good comedy, good production and an antagonist similar to a Dr Who episode. A few things drew me out of the film though. Firstly, the 4th wall breaking - who was filming and why? And why didn't the mannequins attack the camera-op? This switching from 4th wall breaking to not therefore confused me as to what sort of style you were looking for. I think you should have stuck to one. I wish this had explored more about the mannequins and how they had actually achieved their world dominance as this would have increased some of the tension. As it was we kind of just got a lot of running around. I enjoyed the lo-fi effects - especially the explosion noises so I do believe you delivered on your concept! And is "Take Me Home, Country Roads" out of copyright?

An irreverent 4th wall breaking take on the apocalypse with villains straight out of Doctor Who. I love the line about drama student's egos, especially because presumably this film was made by drama students. Well acted, though I had trouble understanding what the mannequins were saying with the heavy effects on their voices. Great foley for the explosions though, and apparently a casual "nah mate" is an appropriate response to the threat of death. Very kiwi.

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