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Farm Stay

by Bread and Butter Productions 51 views


Another high quality Bread and Butter Production! This team did Ultra because, y'know, they're good at what they do. It was definitely an interesting and welcome twist on the High School genre, having exchange students come from Japan, and then the story that unfolds from there. The news report was well done, and the "activist" played her role well. I loved the marmite bit "welcome to NZ!" haha. I think we've all done that to some poor person visiting! I liked the concept, although it felt a tiny bit convenient that they happened to cross paths. I may need to read the whole news article again though as didn't quite get to read the whole thing on screen and that may have held some more clues as to how they got there and did what they did. All in all, well done on the film and the cinematography award, I always enjoy your shorts and look forward to seeing more! Good work team :)

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