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Cindy Inc

by Ramses Party 142 views


has that crucial element of horror where it basically tells you what is going to happen right at the start: dude buys some doodacky that alters his brain chemicals that specifically tells him not to use all 5 settings at once at it will cause neurological damage (SPOILER: he gets neurological damage). really enjoyed the interaction with the flatmate "fuck you bro, this is gonna be awesome" - classic line. love that shot over Resolution Drive and I really believe that some cyber-zombie could wonder around Rototuna without anyone batting an eye, so it's somewhat realistic i guess. the shot of the insinkerator was really well done, everyone knew what was coming next. And of course the silhouette shot..... extremely tasteless, crass etc. but someone had to do it! if the judges weren't cowards (you heard me) this would definitely win that category.

Default Avatar James Brunskill

Loved the concept of 'a Cindy' and the flatmates causal comments about it being yet another tech toy. Good music choices helped set the scene. Sound could probably have used a little bit of work, but over all really enjoyed it.

Default Avatar Dr Wilson

This one was quite cool. Classic Thriller type of film. Loved the shadow scene. Had me and my friends laughing for a little bit. Use of SFX was good. overall nice film

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