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The Land Before Rhyme

by Toowit Toowoo 76 views


Default Avatar MistaTeas

Nice animation here in a style that has become synonymous with Toowit Toowoo. It's an educational film and on that point it delivers extremely well with a rap that is packed with information. So, the conflict in my head will always be does one song a musical make? I understand why they've cleverly done that here but it does mean that variety suffers especially if the solitary song isn't that catchy. Again the content is excellent and so well written but the flow and delivery are a bit repetitive and not as strong as they could be with the backing vocal perhaps a touch late at times. If I was a Science teacher I'd show this in a heartbeat to my class to explain this era. It's educational and fun which is a perfect match.

I was so excited about this one from the time I saw the poster, haha. I really liked it, but I am a total dinosaur/educational song geek so I am probably very biased! Loved it. Technically, the backing vocals could have been aligned a bit better as the other review said, but I just really loved everything about this. You should get into the business of making educational animated raps for schools :P Probably my only other 'constructive' thing would be that a musical probably needs some change in the tone of music throughout, otherwise it's more of a music video? But that aside, loved it!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I really dug the art direction and animation on this one, sort of an interesting way to approach a musical combined with the spans more then 10 years genre. I thought the rap was really well written though as unfair as it may sound I can't say the performance was very good. I'm actually mixed about this since it sort of works with it's educational theme you can sort of imagine the well meaning teacher putting together a well meaning but poorly performed rap to try and get the kids interested in the given topic. It can go either way I guess.

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