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Warlock Teeth

by Squidwig Productions 38 views


Default Avatar RiverFelix

I think this was one of my favourites from the heats, a guy buys some "Warlock teeth" on trademe for $25 that grant him wishes. He doesn't really believe it until he tries wishing for something and it comes true. The wishes have the usual "be-careful what you wish for" downsides to them but our main character doesn't seem to give a shit, he's got wishes! And they actually come true! Quite a few films in this heat had some pretty good gags and the ones in this film were just as good, the bit about his dad being unable to point the camera at himself during voice chat is particularly good. I think perhaps the end gag could've been a bit punchier in the way it ended the film but thats about all I can think of at the moment and it still worked reasonably well.

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