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To Whom I Aspire

by SKC 2 208 views


Default Avatar Adrienne Miller

Really liked the way the movie began and ended with the parallel silhouette scenes in front of that great shot - the backlit glass doors. Also liked how within the movie the wooden cleaners doorway was used as a technique to transition between different times. One doorway was a constant anchoring the movie in place, while the other showed the transition and change in the main characters’ engagement with the place. Not sure if it was intentional, but I also noticed how we only ever got to see the character silhouetted in front of the first set of (glass) doors. He was an outsider looking in to that “world” throughout the movie and never really belonging to it, or owning it. By contrast, we got to view him moving through the more humble wooden cleaners door. He was a participant in the cleaner world, but still an outsider in the dancer world. At the end he seemed to look back fondly and reminisce about his interest in dance, but to be happy with his lot. No crying over spilt milk? The puddle? The hat being used to identify and define the character throughout was also clever.

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