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by Grass Cloud 138 views


Default Avatar LiamD

A good film with a just a few things holding it back. The central idea with the puppets was great and was generally creepy (awesome use of ping pong balls) but I think it was perhaps stretched too far in parts. For example, the film sets up that there is only two people in the flat but later we are introduced to several other flatmates who are already dead. Also would have been good to have more time with the obvious bromance before killing one of them off straight away. That aside it was entertaining and kept my interest which isn't always easy as the last film in the heat. Great work

Default Avatar Nick Depree

Loved the puppet makeup with ping pong balls etc. The humour was good but I found the joke dragged a bit by the end. Perhaps too much reliance on a couple of dirty jokes to carry the film, and there wasn't much setup or development of plot.

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