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by SAE GeePeople 9 views


Default Avatar CatFan

A slick little film with nice production value. Although it's super nice to see SHORT short films (god bless the change of 7 mins to 5 mins in this comp), this one felt like it could have done with a tad more story in order to really make it sing.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

All of those aerial shots added a whole bunch of production value and though this film relied heavily on narration it didn't weigh the film down in anyway. There was a gag though where it seemed like the main character could understand the narration which the team probably could have run with a lot more. If anything let the film down it's probably the ending, him getting hit by a car was done with a relatively simple editing technique but perhaps it would have been better to just cut to credits rather than put him back in the car yard without really doing anything.

Default Avatar Spelly

My favourite of the night, put together really well with the narration, aerial shots and music. Great little film with some really funny moments.

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